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The role of emerging countries in global food security

Global food insecurity remains a serious problem. In 2010, more than 900 million people are still hungry, and progress toward reaching the first Millennium Development Goal of halving the world's proportion of malnourished people is off track by a…


O Papel dos Países Emergentes na Segurança Alimentar Mundial

Disponibilidade alimentar, estabilidade e acesso à nutrição adequada são componentes essenciais para o bem-estar e produtividade de todas as pessoas. No entanto, apesar do progresso nos anos 70 e 80, o número de pessoas desnutridas tem aumentado…


Balancing agricultural development and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

This report identifies the links among economic growth, poverty alleviation, and natural resource degradation in Brazil. It examines the effects of (1) a major devaluation of the Brazilian real (R$); (2) improvements of infrastructure in the Amazon to…


Governing the GM crop revolution

Will developing countries adopt policies that promote the planting of genetically modified (GM) crops, or will they select policies that slow the spread of the GM crop revolution? The evidence so far is mixed. In some prominent countries such as…