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2012 Global hunger index

The 2012 Global Hunger Index (GHI) report—the seventh in an annual series—presents a multidimensional measure of global, regional, and national hunger. It shows that progress in reducing the proportion of hungry people in the world has been tragically…


Beyond the numbers

A review of various economic indicators shows that both the recent food crisis and the financial and economic crisis have had significant negative effects on the Central American countries. The first jolt to the region came in 2007 and mid-2008, while…


Más allá de los números

La revisión de varios indicadores económicos muestra que tanto la crisis de alimentos como la crisis económica y financiera recientes tuvieron efectos negativos considerables sobre los países centroamericanos. La primera golpeó a la región entre el…


The supermarket revolution in developing countries

"A “supermarket revolution” has been underway in developing countries since the early 1990s. Supermarkets (here referring to all modern retail, which includes chain stores of various formats such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience and…


Rural development policies and sustainable land use in the hillside areas of Honduras

The government of Honduras is becoming increasingly concerned about slow progress in combating rural poverty, which is especially stark in the hillside areas.While both policymakers and donors are under strong pressure to provide adequate…


The impact of an experimental nutritional intervention in childhood on education among Guatemalan adults

"Studies have shown that malnourished children in developing countries score lower on tests of cognitive function and fail to acquire fine motor skills at the normal rate. Do the effects of nourishment—good or bad—in early childhood linger into…