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Temples in Myanmar

Rural off-farm incomes in Myanmar’s dry zone

Study offers the following important findings relating to off-farm incomes in the Dry Zone.


Agricultural credit access and utilization in Myanmar’s dry zone

This research highlight presents findings on access to and use of agricultural credit by farm households in Myanmar’s Central Dry Zone. Data was collected by the Rural Economy Agriculture Dry Zone Survey (READZ). READZ was implemented during March to…


Agricultural land in Myanmar’s dry zone

In this research highlight, we present analysis of agricultural land use, distribution, access, tenure, land markets, and historical patterns of ownership and disposal. Findings are derived from a representative survey of 1578 rural households in…


Off-farm employment and the transforming rural non-farm economy around Yangon

This brief focuses on the characteristics of off-farm employment in agriculture and aquaculture clusters, and on gendered differences in employment opportunities and wage rates. It also presents evidence of transformation in the rural non-farm economy…


Rural-urban migration around Yangon city, Myanmar

Rural-urban migration has increased dramatically since 2010 in the area around Myanmar’s largest commercial center, Yangon, where it represents a far more important migration flow than international migration.