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From famine relief to resilience (Reuters)

Suresh Babu, Head of Capacity Strengthening, authored an  op-ed  in Reuters about how robust food systems can improve access to food. The article explains that the resilience of food systems relies on political, institutional and agricultural…

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Food for Peace Reform Act (Inside Sources)

Inside Sources published an op-ed by senior research fellow Joseph Glauber on the Food for Peace Reform Act, a bill introduced by Bob Corker and Christopher Coons of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Glauber argues that the Act will address two…

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Africa Food Trade (Voice of America)

Informal markets and street vendors play a critical role in many African cities. In a study of 11 African cities, 70 percent of households regularly purchase their food from informal markets. Danielle Resnick, senior research fellow, appeared on Voice…

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Collective Amnesia in Famine Response and Resilience-Building (IPS)

Suresh Babu, Head of Capacity Strengthening, authored an  op-ed  in the Inter Press Service about the need for development aid, directed toward drought- and conflict-vulnerable countries, to build resilient food systems in order to provide immediate…