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Dietary diversity predicts the adequacy of micronutrient intake in pregnant adolescent girls and women in Bangladesh, but use of the 5-group cutoff poorly identifies individuals with inadequate intake

The Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women (MDD-W) indicator based on a 10-food group women dietary diversity score (WDDS-10) has been validated to assess dietary quality in nonpregnant women. Little is known about its applicability in pregnant women, and…

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Agro‐ecological zone and farm diversity are factors associated with haemoglobin and anaemia among rural school‐aged children and adolescents in Ghana

Farm diversity,  maize stock in the household, household asset index, & agro‐ecological zone were the main predictors of hemoglobin and anemia among children & adolescents in Ghana.

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Household dairy production and child growth: Evidence from Bangladesh

Research from richer countries finds that dairy consumption has strong positive associations with linear growth in children, but surprisingly little evidence exists for developing countries where diets are far less diversified. One exception is a recen…